hAP ax lite – Gen6 wireless at a small price

22. May 2023 MikroTik
Gen6 wireless at a small price - small, fast and powerful enough to harness the full power of RouterOS v7! hAP ax lite is the perfect small solution if you need to cut costs but don't want to sacrifice performance. With MikroTik's latest Gen6 AX wireless chip, you can squeeze [...]
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The Summer Products from Ubiquiti

17. May 2023 Ubiquiti
Just in time for the start of summer, Ubiquiti is launching some exciting new products. Here you will find an overview of some new summer products. New Products for the summer: A 24-port Layer 2 PoE switch designed for ISP networks. (24) GbE RJ45 ports, of which (16) with passive [...]
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Affordable CRS504-4XQ-OUT Cloud Router

27. April 2023 MikroTik
Affordable, compact, energy-efficient 100 Gbps networking anytime, ANYWHERE! The next step in upgrading existing 10 or 25 Gigabit outdoor networks. Should high-quality 100 Gigabit connectivity be limited to indoors only? Definitely not! That’s why MikroTik created the CRS504-4XQ-OUT: a versatile, cost-effective, ultra-fast weatherproof switch for all your outdoor needs. At [...]
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Success Story – LtAP LTE6 Kit Takes the “A” Train

18. April 2023 MikroTik / Success Sory
Oscar Wilde once wrote: "I never travel without my diary. You should always have something sensational to read on the train." Nowadays, we all have something sensational at our fingertips all the time - if there's Wi-Fi, there's bound to be something to read on the Internet. Austria's most popular [...]
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Improve the Security of your Network

5. April 2023 Teltonika
Today’s world is no stranger to the threat of cyberattacks and the importance of protecting your IoT network from one. Despite this, not everyone is taking the necessary security measures. Find out which precautions actually work and learn how to easily cover all your network security basics! Network security threats [...]
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UniFi OS Hardware Platforms

4. April 2023 Ubiquiti
UniFi OS is the operating system that hosts all UniFi applications and allows you to centrally manage your network from anywhere in the world. Which applications run on UniFi OS? UniFi Network: An intuitive home and business network management platform that allows you to configure WiFi networks, monitor clients, set [...]
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RouterBoard hEX – small but nice

16. March 2023 MikroTik
MikroTiks hEX is a five-port Gigabit Ethernet router for locations where wireless connectivity is not required. The device has a USB 2.0 port. This new updated revision of the hEX brings several improvements in performance. It is affordable, small and easy to use, but at the same time comes with [...]
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UniFi Access solution made simple

8. March 2023 Ubiquiti
Comprehensive starter kit from Ubiquiti with everything you need to set up a premium UniFi Access solution. The UniFi Kit includes everything you need to set up the next-generation, state-of-the-art access control system for your business. The UniFi Kit is compatible with most electric bolt/strikes and magnetic locks and installs [...]
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RMS Connect for remote IoT Solutions

1. March 2023 Teltonika
The average cost of a data breach is currently estimated to be around $4.2 million. It makes sense that companies want to secure their data at all costs, and the IoT sector is no exception. This is a worldwide problem, but is particularly relevant in North America, where the ransom cost per [...]
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Success Story – Ensuring Crop Health with 5G-Enhanced Drones

22. February 2023 Success Sory / Teltonika
With the world’s population on a fast track to hitting 8 billion, preventing food insecurity has never been as important. At the same time, with approximately 51 million km2 (50%) of all habitable land on Earth being used for agriculture, monitoring crop health to ensure people always have food on [...]
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