UVC-G4-DOORBELL – HD streaming Doorbell Camera with built-in display

29. July 2021 Blog / Ubiquiti

Ubiquiti UniFi Protect G4 Doorbell is a Wi-Fi video doorbell with a built-in display and real-time two-way audio communication. The camera features a high-quality 5 MP sensor with enhanced night vision. Image streams can be viewed in up to 1600×1200 (2 MP) HD at 30 FPS.

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The new UNVR-Pro – Ubiquiti Network Video Recorder Pro

2. July 2021 Blog / Ubiquiti

The UNVR-Pro is a UniFi OS Console that runs the pre-installed UniFi Protect application. It has a 7-drive hard disk drive (HDD) bay that offers the greatest storage capacity of any UniFi OS Console. Combining the best features of Cloud and onsite surveillance systems.

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New: Ubiquiti AmpliFi – 2 Alien Router

28. June 2021 Blog / Ubiquiti
Elegantly designed AmpliFi Alien brings revolutionary Wi-Fi 6 benefits to your home. Increase your network capacity by 4x and boost coverage by 2x, while reducing battery drain in mobile devices. With the latest 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 technology, Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien delivers 4x the overall network capacity and 2x the coverage [...]
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Varia presents: Ubiquiti USW-PRO-Aggregation

23. June 2021 Blog / Ubiquiti

Build and expand your network with the UniFi ® Switch, part of the Ubiquiti Networks ® UniFi Enterprise System. The UniFi Switch, model USW-PRO-Aggregation, is a congurable 10G fiber layer-3 switch. It offers 28x 10G SFP+ fiber links to your devices and 4x 25G SFP28 fiber uplink options.

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USW-48 – Layer 2 Switch with 48x GbE and SFP

15. January 2021 Blog / Ubiquiti
The USW-48 – Layer 2 Switch with 48x Gigabit Ethernet Ports and SFP. The Ubiquiti USW-48 is a configurable Gigabit Layer 2 switch with 48x Gigabit Ethernet ports and 4x SFP ports, providing 1 Gigabit links to your devices and fiber uplink options to your enterprise network. It features a [...]
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Ubiquiti 60 GHz Power

10. November 2020 Blog / Ubiquiti
The frequency range between 57 and 64 gigahertz, known as the 60 gigahertz band, has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for license-free use for Gigabit WiFi networks and other radio technologies. Below we present the powerful products by Ubiquiti Networks. We have already reported about two pioneering [...]
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GBE-LR airMAX GigaBeam 60GHz, 5 GHz

4. August 2020 Blog / Ubiquiti
Ubiquiti GBE-LR - GigaBeam 60 GHz/5 GHz Radio System with 1 Gbps+ Throughput. Ubiquiti GBE-LR airMAX AC 60 GHz/5 GHz radio with 1+ Gbps throughput and up to 2 km range. Featuring a high-gain dish antenna, the GigaBeam LR is a 60 GHz radio designed for low-interference and high-throughput connectivity [...]
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UniFi Building-to-Building Bridge

14. January 2020 Blog / Ubiquiti
UBB is a 1.7+ Gbps bi-directional Plug-and-Play 60 GHz Bridge with 5 GHz Radio Redundancy, UniFi Controller Management, and a range of up to 500 m! Ubiquiti's UniFi® Building-to-Building Bridge is the ideal solution for short-range, high-throughput connectivity. Integration with the UniFi Controller makes bridging two networks seamless. As a [...]
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