Success Story – Teltonika IoT preserving ancient underwater tresures

24. July 2021 Blog / Success Sory / Teltonika

Although there is much to see in the underwater world, there are no underwater museums. One of the main problems that held back the implementation of underwater museums was related to the complicated protection of the entities. In Greece, Teltonika IoT was used for the solution.

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Success Story – MikroTik LtAP mini LTE kit – safe as a bank

19. July 2021 Blog / MikroTik / Success Sory

Techno Trade from Uzbekistan had a contract to upgrade the ATM network of a major banking company. The main task was to connect 50 ATMs to the central office. All ATMs were supposed to receive Internet via 3G/LTE and use an encrypted channel to form a single network.

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New 5G router from Mikrotik and LMT

22. September 2020 Blog / MikroTik / Success Sory
Latvian technology innovation companies LMT and MikroTik jointly created the “MikroTik LMT LTE18” 5G router. The router has been completely designed and produced in Latvia. It employs the latest generation technologies to provide faster Internet for connected devices. LMT together with its partners, is working on the development of the [...]
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Teltonika Remote Education

5. September 2020 Blog / Success Sory / Teltonika
As the world is still paralyzed by the actions taken to stop the spread of the novel corona virus, many countries are facing different problems. This includes all educational activities, including closing schools, universities, and kindergartens. Even though the virus seems to cause a milder infection in children, they can [...]
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