Varia is getting greener!

15. March 2022 VARIA Academy

Nothing is more important than sustainability these days. Varia also fulfills its obligation and changes its shipping policy accordingly. So that future generations can also enjoy our green earth. That’s why Varia decided to work with Ripac. So that in the future material will be used that has been produced in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

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2022 – Varia wishes you a happy new year

1. January 2022 VARIA Academy
For the second year in a row we moved and occupied us in a way that we had never seen before. 2021 has always had new news, pitfalls and surprises in store for us. And yet around 775,000 children were born, around 370,000 marriages were concluded and more houses were [...]
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Christmas – VARIA wishes you happy holidays 2021

24. December 2021 VARIA Academy
Oh, how nice it is when it is Christmas! I just wish it was a little more often! by Astrid Lindgren Snow, games, soap operas - the Christmas season is here The year so far has been very turbulent again, but we remain in good spirits. Nothing brings another special [...]
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Your VARIA Academy in 2021

5. May 2021 Blog / VARIA Academy

On February 09, we already provided an insight into the new VARIA Academy webinars. Now we have further expanded this offer. In the future, you can expect the following training courses: VAWG (based on Ubiquiti UBWA and UEWA certification), VAMR (based on MikroTik MTCRE certification) and VSHCK (hotspot systems with MikroTik CAPsMAN).

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Happy Easter from VARIA

2. April 2021 Blog / VARIA Academy

Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life. Let us use this quote as an opportunity to look ahead. Above all, the hope for an early change in this still uncertain time should give us new strength. In this context, VARIA wishes you more a contemplative Easter than usual this year – whether alone, as a couple or within the closest family circle.

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Book VARIA Academy webinars now

9. February 2021 Blog / VARIA Academy

We are constantly expanding our training program and regularly offer new courses – now also as webinars! You can always find our current course program here. Register quickly and easily for one or more courses and secure coveted places immediately. In our online courses, you work on your own computer and get in touch with your trainer via video conference (VWS-VariaWebinarServer).

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VARIA wishes you a Happy New Year

1. January 2021 Blog / VARIA Academy

Dear customers, dear partners, In recent years, we have enjoyed looking at New Year’s traditions from other countries with you. This year, however, there will hardly be any “normal” New Year’s celebration anywhere. So the best thing is to focus at ourselves. We don’t want to look back wistfully on the past 12 months with you, but with gratitude! Having met the challenges that caught us unexpectedly is something we can all be proud of!

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