The New Era of 5G with Teltonika Networks

6. September 2022 Teltonika
In a live video on 05.09.22, hosted by Andrius Unikas, Teltonika Networks' Head of operational Marketing Project Management presented the future of 5G and how they are participating in this future with their new devices. Prospects of 5G First, Graziano Ponzo, strategic product manager for IoT solutions at Ericsson, explains [...]
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Teltonikas Pet Tracking Solution

1. September 2022 Teltonika
People love their pets. And the biggest nightmare comes when a beloved dog or cat goes missing, and no one knows where they are. Luckily, Teltonika Mobility has come up with a tracking solution that gives the ability for people to track their beloved animals. CHALLENGE Needless to say, pets [...]
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Teltonika Mobility Wiki – Important Information and Updates

4. August 2022 Teltonika
You probably know that if you are dealing with Teltonikas devices, it is crucial to stay up to date with the latest updates and developments related to their solutions. That‘s where the WIKI Knowledge base plays an essential role. WHAT ARE THE LATEST UPDATES ON THE WIKI PAGE? Newest product [...]
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Connecting A Secure Bike Storage Box

18. July 2022 Teltonika
Getting around with your bike is great on many levels. No traffic to slow you down, it’s good for the environment, and you even get exercise done. The downside is that stealing a bicycle or its parts is much easier than stealing a car, and the world never seems to [...]
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The FMP100 Tracker

16. June 2022 Teltonika
We would like to inform you about TeltonikasFast & Easy device – FMP100 tracker. FMP100 is a tracking terminal with GNSS and GSM connectivity, which is able to collect device coordinates and transfer them via GSM network to a server. This device is perfectly suitable for applications which require the [...]
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Teltonika – RutOS 7.02-Update is now Live

10. June 2022 Teltonika
Have you ever heard that Teltonika Networksproducts work like a charm? A substantial part of the magic behind their routers, modems and gateways fits into a five-letter spell – RutOS. And for those already familiar with the potential and capabilities of Teltonikas software, we got some great news! Teltonika has [...]
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Success Story – Connectivity Challenges in Dakar 2022

10. March 2022 Success Sory / Teltonika

The Dakar Rally is a legendary racing event in the desert. Since the late 70’s it has become a phenomenon known to people of all continents, ages and professions. Lithuanians also love to watch Dakar as more and more…

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Teltonika – 3G networks will be switched off in some countries in 2022

17. January 2022 Teltonika

The Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), the wireless 3G cell phone technology, is slowly but surely coming to an end. Please note that some major mobile operators have already announced plans to shut down their 3G networks in 2022, according to Teltonika.

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A Success Story FMB204 – Teltonika Vehicle GPS Tracking for Motorsport

5. January 2022 Teltonika
Motorsport events are popular all over the world, including rally style ones. Loyal fans know that there's almost nothing more exciting to watch than a competing car or motorcycle navigating a tricky section of track, spewing gravel and dust in the process. At the same time, tracking and monitoring relevant [...]
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Teltonika’s RutOS V7 is here!

8. December 2021 Teltonika

Software updates are vital to ensure high security, optimize performance, and improve user experience. As always, we are happy to announce that Teltonika Networks RutOS is updated to version v.R_00.07.01.

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