Success Story – Connectivity Challenges in Dakar 2022

10. March 2022 Success Sory / Teltonika

The Dakar Rally is a legendary racing event in the desert. Since the late 70’s it has become a phenomenon known to people of all continents, ages and professions. Lithuanians also love to watch Dakar as more and more…

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Teltonika – 3G networks will be switched off in some countries in 2022

17. January 2022 Teltonika

The Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), the wireless 3G cell phone technology, is slowly but surely coming to an end. Please note that some major mobile operators have already announced plans to shut down their 3G networks in 2022, according to Teltonika.

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A Success Story FMB204 – Teltonika Vehicle GPS Tracking for Motorsport

5. January 2022 Teltonika
Motorsport events are popular all over the world, including rally style ones. Loyal fans know that there's almost nothing more exciting to watch than a competing car or motorcycle navigating a tricky section of track, spewing gravel and dust in the process. At the same time, tracking and monitoring relevant [...]
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Teltonika’s RutOS V7 is here!

8. December 2021 Teltonika

Software updates are vital to ensure high security, optimize performance, and improve user experience. As always, we are happy to announce that Teltonika Networks RutOS is updated to version v.R_00.07.01.

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QuWireless QuSpot for RUTX14

11. August 2021 Teltonika
Last week we introduced you to the fastest single-modem LTE router from Teltonika Networks - RUTX14 . This week we present you QuSpot, the matching antenna from QuWireless. RUTX14 4G LTE Cat. 12 Industrial cellular router: RUTX14 is the fastest single-modem LTE router in the Teltonika portfolio. It has 5x [...]
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Success Story – Teltonika IoT preserving ancient underwater tresures

24. July 2021 Blog / Success Sory / Teltonika

Although there is much to see in the underwater world, there are no underwater museums. One of the main problems that held back the implementation of underwater museums was related to the complicated protection of the entities. In Greece, Teltonika IoT was used for the solution.

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New QuWireless Antennas for RUTX12 and RUT360

30. March 2021 Blog / Teltonika
QuWireless is a manufacturer specialized in wireless systems. All components are made by them in the EU. Their staff is comprised of engineers and graphic concept designers, the right team to meet customer expectations. With their latest update of antennas dedicated to Teltonika routers, they are also presenting new models [...]
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RUT300 – New Industrial Ethernet Router by Teltonika Networks

23. March 2021 Blog / Teltonika

With continued efforts to meet the needs of clients and the never-ending versatility of the solutions they are creating. Teltonika is happy to add a new device to its Ethernet & Wireless product division – the industrial Ethernet router RUT300. It is designed for challenging industrial networking tasks as well as more general networking applications.

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New at the VARIA Store: Teltonika RUT360 and TSW110

26. February 2021 Blog / Teltonika

Although 2021 has just begun, Teltonika is thrilled to offer two newly created devices. Empower your IoT solutions with RUT360 and TSW110! RUT360 is an updated version of Teltonik’s bestseller RUT240. This compact industrial cellular router offers the possibility to connect to the Internet using cellular, Wi-Fi, and wired networks.

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New Teltonika FOTA WEB Release

2. February 2021 Blog / Teltonika
Finally you'll be able to enjoy the new version of FOTA WEB. The tool to manage Teltonika GPS tracking devices remotely gets even more powerful and convenient. Teltonika released the updated version on Monday, February 1. You are going to experience a whole new interface design, improved features and enhanced [...]
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