Stronger 5G internet and happier customers with MikroTik routers

11. March 2022 MikroTik

Since May 2021, a Latvia-made LTE/5G-enabled router has brought 5G Internet capabilities to a much wider audience, and the device has been the router choice of choice among LMT network users ever since. The LMT product range has been expanded to include the Chateau 5G router.

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MikroTik – 3 new IoT products

14. February 2022 MikroTik

MikroTik’s latest out-of-the-box solution for LoRa® technology. Like the previous wAP LR kits, it includes pre-installed UDP packet forwarding to any public or private LoRa® server and outdoor weatherproof wireless access point with 2.4GHz WiFi interface and Ethernet port with PoE-in , which can be used as a backend.

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Success Story – MikroTik wAP ac: A small white box for a greener world…

wAP ac
3. February 2022 MikroTik

Prizren is an old and beautiful place surrounded by mountains and rivers. The climate there varies greatly – summers can be dry, while autumn can bring uninterrupted rainfall for several days. Of course, the Municipality of Prizren has to take all this into account when designing the city bus stops.

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CCR2116-12G-4S+ – A router tested by time and built for the future

24. January 2022 MikroTik

CCR2116-12G-4S+ – 10G network meets the unprecedented performance of a modern ARM CPU. The strongest CCR so far! The new generation of processors offers overwhelming performance. Let’s take a look at the CCR1036 – the powerhouse with a 36-core CPU, the performance of which can easily be doubled by the new CCR2116.

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netFiber 9 – a remarkable outdoor switch from MikroTik

netFiber 9
12. January 2022 MikroTik

MikroTik’s remarkable outdoor switch to build a 10G optical network that can even do light routing. The spiritual successor to the beloved FiberBox. Gigabit Ethernet, SFP/SFP+, PoE. netFiber 9 is a powerful outdoor switch with SFP, SFP+ and Gigabit Ethernet.

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RouterOS v7 by MikroTik – are you ready?

9. December 2021 MikroTik
RouterOS - the beating heart of MikroTik that rewards curiosity and ignites creativity. No matter how many Ethernet ports you have, what CPU you are running. Also the smallest routers can achieve great things with this software. With any MikroTik device, You get all the features. No paywalls. And now [...]
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Success Story – Aurora bridges 2 centuries with MikroTik

14. November 2021 MikroTik / Success Sory

Since its construction in 1900, the famous Russian cruiser “Aurora” managed to survive the Battle of Tsushima, start the October Revolution, take part in World War II and finally retreat. While this ship is said to still be fully operational, it’s not actually leaving port.

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MikroTik – 4 new products that make autumn more beautiful

15. October 2021 MikroTik

Ubiquiti UniFi Protect G4 Doorbell is a Wi-Fi video doorbell with a built-in display and real-time two-way audio communication. The camera features a high-quality 5 MP sensor with enhanced night vision. Image streams can be viewed in up to 1600×1200 (2 MP) HD at 30 FPS.

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Success Story – MikroTik: Every cloud has a silver lining …

15. September 2021 MikroTik

In times of global crises, there are opportunities that can be used or wasted. When the world was hit by the first wave of COVID-19, restaurants closed while YouTube cooking channels grew. Gyms closed while workout apps downloaded more than ever.

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RB5009 – New and double the performance with the perfect Home Lab Router – RB5009UG + S + IN

25. August 2021 MikroTik
MikroTik used the feedback from the MikroTik user meetings to develop the perfect home lab router: compact, powerful, with multiple power supply options and efficient cooling. The RB5009 UG + S + IN has everything and more! RB5009UG + S + IN The RB5009 router has 9 wired ports and [...]
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