GitLab – Introduction and administration (Code: GITLAB)

21. March 2024
As part of the GitLab training, participants install and configure their own GitLab instance. You will gain an insight into the possibilities of GitLab for collaborative work on git repositories. Kursinhalt Aim of the trainingThe training teaches the first steps in setting up, using and managing GitLab, as well as [...]
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git – version control (code: GIT)

As part of the git training, participants learn the basic structure and use of git version control. For this purpose, git repositories are set up and used under GNU/Linux and the internal structure is researched. The various strategies for using git are gradually being applied. Kursinhalt Aim of the trainingThe [...]
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Podman Basics under GNU/Linux (Code: PODMAN)

The Podman Basics training helps participants to take their first basic steps in the area of container management with Podman and prepares them for work in the area of DevOPs. Podman is an alternative to Docker container management. In many cases, it can replace Docker as a drop-in replacement, but [...]
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