5. April 2023 Teltonika

Today’s world is no stranger to the threat of cyberattacks and the importance of protecting your IoT network from one.

Despite this, not everyone is taking the necessary security measures.

Find out which precautions actually work and learn how to easily cover all your network security basics!


Network security threats come in all shapes and sizes – from malicious software to phishing attacks, all coming from cybercriminals. These hackers have a multitude of ways to try and take your precious data, and are getting more advanced by the day, making the potential cost of data breaches sound perplexing – an expected $8 trillion in 2023 alone!

With such unfortunate predictions and the ever-increasing number of cyberattacks, one thing becomes clear – the IoT sector must take proactive measures to ensure their network is as secure as it can be. Because at the end of the day, we’re the only ones choosing our own path (our network’s path included!)



While getting into the depths of your network’s security does increase its immunity towards cybercrimes (if done right, of course), it’s vital not to forget taking safety measures right from the base level of your network. After all, no great building has stood the test of time without a solid foundation. For that, we’ve created three videos, each one going over different yet critical areas for shielding your digital operations.


The router of your network is like the roots of a plant – if contaminated, the entire network is compromised, which inevitably leads to its downfall – just like it would for a plant with rotten roots. If your router isn’t secure, cybercriminals have no trouble hacking and taking advantage of its network’s end devices in the blink of an eye. There’s a but, though – you can put the necessary precautions in place with the help of this How to Set Up a Secure Network – Basics video.

Physical location, unnecessary protocols, and DNS peculiarities – these are just a couple of topics that our Head of Cybersecurity, Deividas Vyšniauskas, goes over to make your router far less available and easy to hack. And while the video covers the basics of router security – it’s something every person should know and be reminded of, as most of these aspects are often overlooked.


Sharing Wi-Fi access is something we all do, but if not done in a secure way, it can be close to inviting bears into your house. And who would want that? Certainly not us, and as we wouldn’t want that for you either, Deividas delves deep into the bits and pieces that lie behind Wi-Fi in this 4 Simple Tips How to Secure Your Wi-Fi video.

Deividas presents how to strengthen your Wi-Fi password as well as the importance of selecting the right Wi-Fi bands, the value of using WPA3 for network encryption, and why limiting the use of Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) and Universal Plug and play (UPnP) can improve security and reduce the risk of hacking. As all of it plays a crucial role in Wi-Fi security, it’s something you definitely shouldn’t miss.


When talking about network’s security – a Firewall is something you simply cannot ignore, as it’s one of the first things cybercriminals encounter when attempting to access your network. Acting as a gatekeeper, a Firewall determines whether incoming or outgoing data packets passing through a certain route should be allowed, rejected or dropped, according to its predefined set of rules. By taking a look at this How to Use a Firewall for VLAN, Wi-Fi, and VPN – Office Network Security video, it becomes clear that without Firewall, your network is like a snail without its shell – vulnerable to outside threats.

That’s why Deividas provides an in-depth walkthrough on how to enhance your VLAN, Wi-Fi, and VPN security with the help of a Firewall. The video outlines the specific use cases of all three services to ensure you understand the reasons behind each step, leaving no room for misinterpretation or confusion.

Although cyberattacks might seem intimidating and overwhelming, there’s not much to worry about if you use the right methods to resist them. And while these are just a couple of ways to do so (with more to come!), we’re always here to help you with any network security issues or concerns.

Stay safe and keep cybercriminals empty-handed!

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