14. February 2022 MikroTik

MikroTik’s latest out-of-the-box solution for LoRa® technology.
Like the previous wAP LR kits, it includes pre-installed UDP packet forwarding to any public or private LoRa® server and outdoor weatherproof wireless access point with 2.4GHz WiFi interface and Ethernet port with PoE-in , which can be used as a backend.

The difference: This device also works with the 2.4 GHz frequency for LoRa®. This means significantly higher bandwidth, higher data rate and less transmission time.

And with chirp modulation technology, it won’t interfere with 2.4GHz WiFi signal! A perfect solution from MikroTik for industrial setups with a high sensor density.

There is a built-in 2dBi WiFi / 4.7dBi LoRa® antenna, but you can add an external antenna for additional coverage. MikroTik recommends using the TOF-2400-8V-4 omni antenna for best results.

The classic wAP form factor, tested in many other MikroTik products , has been retained – it can deliver excellent and stable performance in almost all weather conditions. Functional and unobtrusive design, amazing durability and high value remain the core of this design.

The entire IoT community is exploring the 2.4GHz LoRa® possibilities – join them and be among the first to benefit from the increased data rates.




  • Product code: RBwAPR-2nD&R11e-LR2
  • CPU: QCA9531 650 MHz
  • RAM size: 64 MB
  • Number of 100M Ethernet ports: 1
  • MiniPCIe slots: 1
  • Wireless: Integrated 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n, dual-chain



  • Product code: TOF-2400-8V-4
  • Frequency: 2400-2500MHz
  • Gain: 8dbi
  • Horizontal beam width: 360°
  • Vertical beam width: 18°
  • Nominal Impedance: 50Ω




  • Product code: R11e-LR2
  • LoRa Band: 2.4GHz
  • Tx chains: 1
  • Rx chains: 4
  • TX/RX Channels: 2403MHz, 2425MHz, 2450MHz, 2479MHz
  • RF Output Power: 10dBm