MikroTik News in June
25. June 2021 Blog / MikroTik

MikroTik announces some product changes and updates for June. Below you can find an overview of what is new.

MikroTik News in JuneMLAG on CRS3xx switches

MikroTik remain committed to involving their amazing user community in developing RouterOS. Once again their feature requests have become a reality – with MLAG addition to the CRS3xx switches.
Introduced in 7.1beta6, Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation Group or MLAG allows for the ability to form LACP channels across multiple physical switches. Basically, it enables Layer 2 multipath redundancy and load balancing.

CRS354 family devices can now run SwOS. A RouterOS update to the latest stable version is required. This will enable the “/system swos” menu in RouterOS.

L3HW – v7 BETA users can now enjoy Layer 3 Hardware Offloading support – a significant performance boost for the CRS3xx-product family. Depending on the configuration, L3HW performance can reach wire-speed.

Implementation of 802.11ac WiFi5 Wave 2 in RouterOS v7 BETA (MU-MIMO) for Audience, hAPac3 (non-LTE!) and RouterBOARD 4011 devices.

MikroTik News in June

MikroTik News in June

MikroTik News in JuneMikroTik are delighted to announce an update to the CWDM-MUX8A units. Based on customer feedback, they have decided to replace the rarely used MON port with the extremely useful EXP/1310 expansion port. With this addition, you can now use regular optical modules alongside other CWDM modules.
The EXP/1310 port supports all 1310nm 10G/25G/40G/100G SFP+ modules.
The product code stays the same. You can differentiate between versions by looking at the product label: the previous version with the MON port has a “CWDM-MUX8A=C2” label on the box, while the new version with the EXP/1310 port has a “CWDM-MUX8A=C” label.

MikroTik News in JuneYou probably remember the latest addition to the MikroTik IoT product family – KNOT. It is an IoT gateway that uses low-cost and low-bandwidth narrow band/CAT-M technology. It can help you “tie” all kinds of devices together – different protocols, different generations, even custom DIY solutions – KNOT can be used to interface almost anything.
To make the creative process a bit easier, you are welcome to take a look at the KNOT application examples. While the possibilities are endless, MikroTik tried to compile the most important types of IoT setups that can benefit from these devices.