16. January 2024 MikroTik

From 7.13, MikroTik is separating the older wireless package from RouterOS bundle and renaming the WiFi package to wifi.

The new wifi package is now part of the RouterOS bundle, beginning a new and exciting era for wifi features.



They are also separating core wifi features from the drivers, reducing the space used on the router.

Note that the upgrade will take care of the new packages automatically, you do not need to worry about anything if you use the “check for updates” feature.

Technically, the bundle only includes the core package with CAPsMAN, so devices that don’t have any wireless cards, but are only used for CAPsMAN, will not use space unnecessarily.

Due to this, you will now see the WiFi menu even on devices that don’t have any wireless interfaces. The new package is also now compatible with more devices than before – you can install the new package even on 802.11AC devices with the ARM CPU type.*

This opens up more compatibility options with the new 802.11AX devices and even allows devices to use both wireless packages (old/integrated + new wifi package) in the same device, which means you can now use a single router to run both old and new CAPsMAN.

* – see manual for complete list of compatible devices and more technical info about the new changes

Software upgrade PSA
Because of the introduction of a new wireless package, MikroTik would like to bring to your attention that RouterOS will now show upgrades only up to 7.12 if using an older version of the software.

You will have to first upgrade to 7.12, and only then will newer RouterOS versions become available.

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