14. November 2021 MikroTik / Success Sory

Since its construction in 1900, the famous Russian cruiser “Aurora” managed to survive the Battle of Tsushima, start the October Revolution, take part in World War II and finally retreat. While this ship is said to still be fully operational, it’s not actually leaving port. Instead, this famous ship has become a popular tourist attraction in Saint Petersburg.

As a museum and venue for all kinds of events, including the Petersburg International Economic Forum, “Aurora” needed a little update in the communications department. And we’re not talking fatometers and sonars here, arrrgh!

Our friends from Интернет Системы took a powerful RBM33G , a few capable R11e LTE6 modems, put them in a special case with some antennas and – voilà! The 21st century meets 20th century at Aurora!

A sleek Chateau LTE12 with no additional installation costs is a fine addition to the deck, which handles not only the wireless network but also the L2VPN connection.