Tired of wired sensors? CME22-2n-BG77 is the Solution!

8. December 2023 MikroTik
Tired of the limitations of wired sensors? Wouldn't it be nice if old devices - like electricity meters - could send their data via the mobile network, just like our phones do? With CME Gateway you can achieve exactly that - and more! MikroTik's CME wireless gateway (CME22-2n-BG77) is a [...]
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LHG LTE18 kit Great distances, even greater speed

22. December 2022 MikroTik
Great distances, even greater speed – with the power of the ultra fast LHG LTE Category 18 modem. Last-mile-internet solution for the most remote areas. Like the previous LHG LTE models, this is a last-mileinternet solution for situations when even your phone might not have any signal. MikroTiks new LHG [...]
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