8. December 2023 MikroTik

Tired of the limitations of wired sensors? Wouldn’t it be nice if old devices – like electricity meters – could send their data via the mobile network, just like our phones do? With CME Gateway you can achieve exactly that – and more!


MikroTik’s CME wireless gateway (CME22-2n-BG77) is a rugged, low-cost, low-bandwidth modem for connecting Ethernet devices to the cellular network… on the smallest budget ever!

It has two Ethernet ports, an integrated CPU, some RAM and the crown jewel: a powerful integrated CAT-M narrowband LTE modem.

For extremely efficient, cost-effective wireless Internet connections with low bandwidth. Sure, narrowband can’t be used to stream YouTube videos, but it serves another purpose: it offers better network coverage and transmits data via the cheapest data tariffs in the world.

Thanks to the IP66 waterproof rating, the robust device can survive a variety of harsh environments and installations: damp attics, rainy forests, agricultural equipment and so on. It has a PoE input, PoE output and a 2-pin DC connection for a practical power supply.

And to make management even easier, we’ve added a simple single-chain 2.4 GHz wireless system that lets you configure everything via the MikroTik smartphone app.

A fun bonus: The board supports GPS. So if you know your way around RouterOS scripts, you can try collecting weekly, daily or even hourly location data too!




  • CPU: QCA9531
  • CPU core count: 1
  • CPU nominal frequency: 650 MHz
  • Switch chip model: QCA9531
  • RouterOS license: 4
  • The operating system: RouterOS v7
  • RAM size: 64 MB
  • Memory size: 16 MB

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