Teltonika RMS Update
20. October 2020 Blog / Teltonika

In technology, a system is as good as it is constantly updated. At Teltonika Networks, it is at the top of their priority list to make sure that the clients are satisfied. Therefore, they listen to the feedback and work on various developments all the time. Just recently, Teltonika made some exciting improvements to their Remote Management System (RMS).

Teltonika initially created the RMS to simplify the monitoring of Teltonika Networks routers and gateways. It allows convenient access to their devices from anywhere in the world. At the same time, it guarantees the security and reliability of the connection.

Teltonika RMS Update

RMS Management
RMS ensures their networking products are always reachable. It provides event alerts, various reporting options, easy multi-configuration, and convenient firmware updates to any number of devices via FOTA. Now, this functionality will be singled out into one of the RMS family features – RMS Management. Since Teltonika introduced the initial version of RMS, it did not take long to notice the demand for another functionality – reaching the end-devices of any solution remotely.

Another functionality Teltonika just implemented – RMS API – provides a possibility to carry endless RMS features into your in-house platform, in case you would rather stick to your familiar interface. That is probably the biggest beauty of the RMS . It adapts to your particular business needs and your environment. Starting with a user interface, varying methods to reach devices or selecting features, and ending with a pricing model that works best in your business case – you are in control to choose all of it!

Teltonika RMS Update

RMS Connect
After careful consideration and development processes, today ,they are happy to introduce the RMS Connect functionality. It enables the access and control of non-Teltonika Networks devices via RDP/VNC, SSH, or HTTP(S) protocols without any additional software. It does not require a public IP or a third-party VPN service. The implications of this are massive. With RMS Connect, you can access virtually any smart product that has either Web User Interface based on HTTP(S) or Command Line Interface via SSH tunnels.

Teltonika RMS Update
This includes CCTV cameras, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Point of Sale terminals (POS), Dataloggers, and many more devices responsible for automating and controlling the infrastructure of the public and private sectors. Even better, with RMS Connect, you can set-up a direct secure connection to all equipment compatible with RDP or VNC protocols. With a single Teltonika Networks router, or a gateway, and an RMS account, you can directly access all Windows or Linux machines without a Public IP or VPN. This opens up immense possibilities for an easier and more efficient remote management.

With the above changes, Teltonika elevated RMS from a device management platform to an IoT platform.

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