14. October 2022 Ubiquiti

Configuring a fiber network just became as easy as setting up a smartphone. Say goodbye to command lines, manuals, and paid support licenses.

Introducing UFiber from Ubiquiti – a fiber solution that anyone can deploy.

UFiber offers internet and telecom service providers a cost‑effective fiber optic delivery system for Triple Play Services (data, voice, IPTV/VoD) with speeds of up to 2.488 Gbps downstream and 1.244 Gbps upstream.


An UFiber network consists of two device types, the OLT (Optical Line Terminal), which is deployed at the provider premises, and the ONU (Optical Network Unit), which is deployed at the customer’s location.

An OLT can connect up to 128 ONU clients per port.

• OLT UFiber OLT or OLT-4
• ONU UFiber UF-Nano, UF-LOCO, UF-WIFI, or UF-Instant client, which functions as a CPE (Customer Premises Equipment)

Ubiquiti distinguishes itself with powerful and intuitive management software that is included at no additional cost.

UFiber networks are intelligently managed using UNMS™(Network Management System), a comprehensive management system.


It features a graphical UI that is easy to learn and navigate. UNMS manages all of the registered UFiber OLTs and their ONU clients.

• Intuitive, Graphical UniFi OS Application
• Quick Configuration and Deployment of UFiber Devices
• Centralized Management of Multiple GPON Networks/Sites
• Visual Reports for Efficient Monitoring and Troubleshooting
• Linux-based Software Installation
• Bundled Software – No Licensing or Support Fees

Optical Line Terminal
UFiber OLT supports up to 128 ONU CPEs per GPON port with physical links of up to 20 km in distance.

It also features SFP+ connectivity for uplinking. The UFiber OLT can be mounted in a 1U rack, mounted on a wall, or placed on a desktop.

Management options include the Gigabit Ethernet port (out‑of‑band), RJ45 serial console port (CLI), and uplink (in‑band) – configured via the UFiber UI or UNMS.

8-Port GPON Optical Line Terminal
• (8) GPON SFP and (2) SFP+ Ports
• 1024 ONUs Total Concurrent Clients (128 Clients per Port)
• 40W Max. Power Consumption
• Hot-Swappable Power Module(s)
• AC/DC Power Module (Included)
• DC/DC Power Module (Optional)

4-Port GPON Optical Line Terminal
• (4) GPON SFP and (1) SFP+ Ports
• 512 ONUs Total Concurrent Clients (128 Clients per Port)
• 35W Max. Power Consumption
• 100‑240VAC, 50/60 Hz, Universal Power Input and Secondary Power Option: 24VDC

Optical Network Unit
Ubiquiti offers a variety of GPON ONU models to suit any application. Each can be easily mounted on an indoor wall.

UFiber Nano G
Featuring an informational LED display, the UFiber Nano™ G is a robust, high‑performance GPON CPE housed in a sophisticated design.

It is powered by 24V passive PoE.

• (1) GPON WAN Port and (1) Gigabit LAN Ethernet Port
• Digital Display LED for Status Reporting
• 7W Max. Power Consumption

UFiber loco
The sleek UFiber loco is a robust, high‑performance GPON CPE that features extremely low power consumption and the choice of 24V passive PoE or Micro‑USB power.

• (1) GPON WAN Port and (1) Gigabit LAN Ethernet Port
• 3.5W Max. Power Consumption
• Powered by 24V Passive PoE or Micro-USB Power Adapter*

* Included only in the single-pack

UFiber WiFi
UFiber WiFi is a robust, high‑performance GPON CPE that offers routing, four LAN ports, and Wi-Fi.

It is powered by 24V passive PoE or a 24V, 0.5A power adapter.

• (1) GPON WAN Port and (4) Gigabit Ethernet Ports
• 802.11n Wi-Fi
• 7W Max. Power Consumption

UFiber Instant
The UFiber Instant is a high‑performance GPON CPE in the form factor of an SFP module.

It features an SGMII Ethernet LAN port and is powered by SFP.

• (1) GPON WAN Port and (1) SGMII Ethernet Port
• 2W Max. Power Consumption
• Powered by SFP

Module Accessories – GPON OLT SFP Modules
The UFiber OLT’s GPON SFP ports are designed for use with the UF-GP-B+ and UF-GP-C+ SFP modules.

Each model, the UF-OLT or UF-OLT-4, includes one UF-GP-B+ module; additional modules can be purchased separately.


Power Modules
The UF-OLT comes with one AC/DC power module pre‑installed and features two modular power adapter bays for flexible power options:
Backup Power – The second power bay can house a backup power module.

If the UF-OLT detects failure of the primary power module, the backup module automatically activates to supply uninterrupted power.

DC/DC Power Both power bays can also house a DC/DC power module for use with DC power.

Available power modules are:
RPS-AC-100W and RPS-DC-100W.

GPON Network Accessories
To help you design and deploy your GPON networks, Ubiquiti offers the following accessories:
• SC/APC Adapters
• Patch Cables
• PLC Splitters

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